Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Small Useful Thing

Here is a  new house rule I'm going to put into place in my next game session:

Characters will sometimes find a “small useful thing” in the pockets of fallen foes.   “A small useful thing” has no encumbrance, no gp value and cannot be transferred to another player character or NPC. A player may have no more than one “small useful thing” on their character sheet. Inevitably a player needs or desires a specific object of low value which would be handy in the moment but doesn't posses the item.  Examples include a concealed razor blade, a bobby pin, a needle and thread or stick of chewing gum.  The player may use a “small useful thing” that just happens to be the object that they need in the moment.  The referee, as in all things, has the final say on the object and its use.  Examples of possible rulings are: The player does not have that particular item but does have an item of similar function and utility, the item may have some condition attached to its use, may only be a single use item (recommended), breaks as a result of an off label application etc.  Once used, the object no longer exists in potential but in reality and if it is persistent can be written down on the character sheet in place of "a small useful thing." If the object is a single use item or is no longer in the possession of it's owner then it is removed from the character sheet like other single use equipment.