Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Monster: Ethereal Slime

Ethereal Slime: HD:2-5 AC:13-15 MV:16 Attack: Special Damage: Special

Takes double damage from fire. Immune to cold/ice based magic and attacks from bludgeoning weapons. Takes 1 hp of damage from edged or piercing weapons (add any magical bonuses). It grows by 1HD if attacked with acid. 

Attack: Digestive juices and paralytic poison

Can shift to or from the ethereal plane 3 times per day. Can sense creatures in the material plane from the ethereal plane. It often uses this ability to ambush prey. It takes one round for the shift to occur. Once per week, a 5 HD ethereal slime can envelop its prey and shift itself and the prey to the ethereal plane (prey gets a save). The slime can hang onto any surface no matter how smooth. It its transparent, thus making it difficult to see, particularly in low light situations. It leaves no trace of its movement and is silent. Often, the only way it announces itself is the scattering of copper, silver, gold, gems, glass and ceramic that it cannot digest. If it has recently fed, the floor of the chamber or passage may be damp from the organic soup of its last victim.

Unlike other slimes, the Ethereal Slime is a creature with some ability to think in a tactical fashion. It prefers to ambush prey but can move quickly enough to capture an encumbered victim that is running away. Often, they will reside and hunt in a well trafficked passageway and attack prey that is by itself or at the end of marching order. It can and does retreat rapidly when faced with a significant threat from fire. Its hunting method is often to hide itself over an entry way, drop onto its prey and release its digestive juices. The creature will then disengage to the ethereal as its meal dissolves into an organic soup the ethereal slime can return to and consume. If the prey manages to douse itself with enough water or is aided in this fashion, the slime will not return back to the material plane but will wait until the next day when its ability to shift is restored.

The creature coated in the slime’s digestive fluids must save or be paralyzed. The digestive fluid is strong acid which takes immediate effect. This acid consumes everything but glass, ceramics and the following metals: copper, silver, gold, lead, platinum and mercury. Magic items may survive but require a saving throw. If the individual is submerged in water or continuously doused (like a water fall), the acid can be washed clean but an additional round of damage will occur until the acid is diluted.

Exposure times:

1 Round: Cloth, wood, rope, bow strings start to disintegrate.

2 Rounds: Target takes 1d4 damage Thin cloth (normal clothing) completely dissolved, cloth sacks and heavy fabrics (winter cloaks, blankets) are thinned nearly to a useless state, leather weakens (-1 AC to leather armor, leather straps on heavily laden packs fail, scabbards fall apart)

3 Rounds: Target takes 2d4 damage Any object made of wood, leather, fiber are damaged beyond use. unprotected skin is a mess (-1 Cha) Metal armor (not magically protected) begins to corrode.

4 Rounds: Target takes 3d4 damage. All objects made of wood,leather, fiber are just a soup of chemical goo. Metal degrades by 1 point of AC.

5 Rounds: Target takes 4d4 damage. Metal degrades by 2 points of AC- Target’s skin is gone, muscle and bone begin burn away.

6 Rounds: Soup’s on!

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