Friday, August 24, 2012

ACKs at the Mythos- Session 5: Kill More! Kill More!

The Characters:

Kiri- 1st Level Shaman + Her wolf pup and her henchmen Rothdred and Gax
Glocken- 1st Level Dwarven Craft Priestess

The session began back in the town of Helix with Kiri haggling at Adil's Mercantile with her two henchmen and her wolf pup.  Adil, the proprietor was trying to convince Kiri that she should trade her "dog" to for the hammer, pry bar, torches and other dungeon bashing supplies she was purchasing.  As they haggled, a Dwarf craft priestess entered to mercantile.  Dwarf folk are rare in Helix and a craft priestess skilled in the forging of weapons even more so.  The curious dwarf inquired as to why the shaman of a race of horse nomads would need such tools. The shaman explained that the undead walked in a chaos tainted place south of the town of Helix that required the skills of clergy such as herself to in order to be cleansed.  The dwarf considered this and thought perhaps that some relics of dwarves craft may be found in such a place which could be recovered.  She introduced herself as Glocken the craft priestess and offered to join the shaman on her journey into the Barrowmaze.  Glad to have the company, Kiri accepted and the pair prepared to enter the catacombs below the barrow moor.

The two adventurers and their hirelings travelled to the barrow moors and entered the central mound where they lowered themselves down into the dungeon.  The shaman wished to find out if her companion Aria had perhaps survived the day and a half of entombment in the silent Barrowmaze.  The dwarf and one of Kiri's henchmen went to work on the stone door that Aria was trapped behind.  After a considerable amount of toil, and a great deal of noise, the party was able to bash down the door to reveal seven skeletons ready to give battle.  The party was quickly pressed with the dwarf priestess being battered in the first round of attacks.  The party counter attacked successfully and Glocken's religious faith drove back the foul undead.  The henchmen gave chase and destroyed the abominations. Kiri's wolf pup happily gnawed the femur he had snatched from one of the undead skeletons whilst the rest of the party looked to the disposition of the blade dancer and the henchman Grub.

It was immediately apparent that Kiri's old companions were dead.  The corpses were beaten and smashed into an unrecognizable pulp by the skeletons.  The party salvaged what gear, coins and weapons they could.  The remains of their fellow adventurers were scraped up and the party returned to Helix.  Cremation of the remains was accomplished though firewood is dear here on the plains of the eastern borderlands.  Kiri was aware that Grub was the village idiot in Helix and sought to find any relatives he might have.  She found out that Grub's mother was his last living relative and lived in a hovel on the edge of town.  After seeing the squaller in which Grub's mother lived, Kiri gave the wretched woman what was owed to Grub plus a bit of a kicker.  Grub's momma, who thought her son would never amount to much, was pleased to have the coin.  Kiri's henchmen thought that was very classy and felt a little better about their employer, even though she smells like a horse blanket.

After a three days rest, some resupply, the party found there weren't very many available hirelings in Helix.  The only one available was an unlikely lad named Hilmar.  At first, Glocken misunderstood the boy's mumbling and thought his name was "Killmore."  "Killmore" she felt was a far more fitting name for a henchman than Hilmar and "Killmore" was what she called him from that point forward. Feeling it was likely they would meet further resistance in the Barrowmaze, they decided to make a trip to the refugee camp of Kuurmi and see if they could hire a few more fellows.  The trip was without incident and they made it to the old barracks where a number of mercenaries, brigands and unsavory sorts were staying.  She found two simple spearmen, who happened to be twins looking for jobs.  With the new hirelings, "Heave" and "Ho" the party returned to the Barrowmaze passing through Helix on the way.

Returning to the section of the dungeon that Kiri and her party had previously been searching, the party wondered why a small room and seemingly empty room was enclosed by a portcullis.  With the combined strength of the party, they were able to bend one of the bars enough to squeeze through. Glocken carefully searched the room but found nothing.  The party then returned to see if Glocken's faith could deal with the frightening phantasm that had frightened them on their earlier exploration of the crypts.

Glocken entered the chilly room and watched as the phantom rose from the disturbed bones of the crypts lone occupant.  She withstood the phantom's aura of fear and attempted to communicate with it but failed.  Noticing a strange stone tablet on the floor she picked it up and tried to read the script.  The letters turned into a swirl of chaotic signs and symbols that she struggled to withstand.  Her mind was able to hang on and she broke free from the curse bound up in the tablet.  The phantom receded back into the bones and the crypt was silent once again.

Seeing no need to linger in this part of the dungeon decided to move on. Just as they were departing, the party came across some ravenous rabid rats of uncommon size.  The horrible beasts attacked the party and most were dispatched quickly.  One of the rats was rather quick and avoided the blades of the adventurers.  Leaping through the air, the vile rodent lept up and latched onto the throat of the poor henchman Hilmar.  Failing to avoid the creature, Hilmar desperately attempted to fight off the beast but not before it punctured a major blood vessel in his neck and leapt to attack another of his companions. Blooded geysered from the wound and it was clear that Hilmar was going to die.  The other henchmen hardened their resolve and took up the call, "Kill More! Kill More!"  Slaying the last of the rats they briefly mourned their loss and headed back to town.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

ACKs At the Mythos Session 4: Aria Sings Her Last

Here is an actual play report from the most recent game at Modern Myths in Northampton, MA on Tuesday August,  7th.


Aria- 1st level Bladedancer with her henchmen Gax and Rothdred
Konrad- a wry 1st level Mage with his henchman Meddric
Kiri- 1st level shaman with her wolf and a henchman named Grub

Kiri and Aria had been to the Barrowmaze in their previous adventure and were nursing Kiri's poor wounded wolf cub in the crappy border town of Helix.  Aria was able to make a little money to keep them fed from singing in the tavern and doing her blade dance for the amusement of the animal handlers from the caravans.  The pup's eye healed up and the party had rested.  A new guy in town, running from the political purges in Zarbala happened to be a mage named Konrad.  Having no other prospects and looking for some coin, Konrad agreed to join Aria and Kiri on their next voyage into the Barrowmaze.

Feeling that the Barrowmaze's monsters were beyond their ability to fend off, the party decided to hire some henchmen.  The party spent some coin in town to get the word out and this resulted in four who were willing to travel into the moors.  The party successfully hired the four of them.  All were poorly armed and armored excepting the very large village idiot Grub.  He had somehow come into the ownership of a suit of mail and a shield. Konrad the Elementalist gave very specific instructions to his henchman Meddric.  Meddric was to protect Konrad at all costs, including his own life, and paid Meddric an extra two gold a week plus a 2 gold bonus for every undead Meddric could destroy.

Early the next morning, the party trekked overland to the entrance of the Barrowmaze and descended without a problem.  They checked one of the rooms that they had already explored and then turned up a northerly route they had not yet explored.  Stopping at the door of a room, the party checked for traps and found none.  Successfully opening the door, Aria and Grub stepped through and set off a trap that caused a large stone door to slide down and separate them from the rest of the party.  Immediately following that, seven skeletons came in from an adjacent room and slew Aria and Grub.  The rest of the party, unable to discern what was going on beyond the stone door had to turn around.  There was no way to open the door because Aria had the party's pry bar.

Trying to find a passage that went around in order to rescue their friends, the party went up another passage heading in the same general direction.  The passage did not lead them to Aria and Grub, but to a dusty hallway with three different crypts and another room with a portcullis blocking entry.  The first room held some skeletal remains and some ominous graffiti telling the reader to beware the tentacle beast. The second room had a locked door.  The door to the third room was smashed in and the skeletal remains of a man were laying on a slab.  Upon entering the room and checking out the corpse, Gax the former henchman and now PC saw some form of incorporeal undead, dropped his hand ax and ran for it.  Kiri felt it was important to retrieve the ax because they needed it to bash down the second door.  She too fled the fearful creature. Konrad attempted to grab the ax and dash out again and was successful.  The party decided that they needed to check out the second door and since their attempts to force it open were unsuccessful, decided that Gax should bash it down with his axe.

Two turns later, the door was down and a very surprised spider dropped from the ceiling of the room to be bashed into paste by Gax.  The party found a small pile of electrum coins and went back to the door to see if Aria or her corpse could be recovered.  Sadly the party had only one tool that could have opened the door and it was on Aria's corpse.  Hearing from scuttling from further down the hall behind them.  Konrad and his henchman Meddric (whom he called Metric) saw a group of fire beetles that weren't particularly interested in the party.  With time running out, the party decided to return to Helix to end the session.