Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Taking ACKs for a Test Drive

I started an ACKs campaign a few Tuesdays ago at Modern Myths in Northampton, MA.  It took a bit to get our momentum but everyone had a good time.

We spent more time than I had planned doing character creation.  This was mainly because I decided to let the players play any character class they wanted from the core book and and the Player's Companion draft that Autarch has made available to Kickstarter contributors. Choice always slows things down.  Once they made their decisions about character class, it wasn't long before they were finished with their characters.

The characters had fled from a in the city state of Zarbala and met up as fellow refugees.  For several thousand years the city was run by an elected official selected by a group of the city's leaders.  The Doge of the city is elected for life and wields nearly absolute power.  Unfortunately, this particular Doge was a necromancer and has managed to live for about 450 years longer than anyone expected.  From time to time, he uses his various spies, minions and magical means to purge anyone who might be of danger to him.  He does this Stalin style with nighttime disappearances, rewarding and encouraging informers and mass killings.

The characters being part of the "dangerous people" category were forced to flee and found themselves in a refugee camp on the borderlands.  The region has some scattered farming villages, bandits that extort tolls from passing caravans, ancient ruins, beastmen, nomads, chaos abominations and other opportunities for homicidal transients. Deciding they would go check out a ruined manor rumored to have a gobln infestation, the party travelled overland.  They got about half way there when they were attacked by some bandits in the middle of the night.  The guy on watch was taken by surprise but did manage to survive the first round of attacks and wake the rest of the party.  In the end, two henchmen died and one of the PC's went down after a single blow.  The PC did manage to survive but his roll on the "mortal wounds" table left him with a scalped head and a week's worth of bed rest.

It was a fun evening and I"m looking forward to the next installment next week.

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