Friday, April 1, 2011

Convention Report: Total Confusion 25: Part 1- A General Overview.

Last year was the first time I went to Total Confusion or any convention at all for that matter.  I had a great time.  I only went for the Saturday festivities last year and decided that I would go for Friday through Sunday this year.  The number of VIP's, special events and old school games available made it very worthwhile.

TC 25 was even better than last year. Frank Mentzer and Tim Kask were both VIP guests and their new company, Eldritch Entertainment, sponsored TC. Frank and Tim asked the event organizers if there could be an Old School gaming room this year.  The event organizers accommodated the request.  Having a clearly marked Old School room was great.  The main RPG area is in a large open room with a high ceiling.  It can get very loud in there so having an enclosed conference room was good for being able to hear each other.  The crowd in the old school room was pretty good.  There were a core of players that spent most of the con in the old school room and a number of others played one or two old school games mixed in with their other games.  There were several times when three games were on going and in some cases there were at least 20 people playing in the old school room.

I don't know what the con attendance was but I'm guessing somewhere in the 400-500 range.  The board games and miniature games seem to have been the biggest draw. At the height of the con on Saturday there were at least 50 board games and 20 or 30 mini games in addition to the RPG's, all at once.  There was a wide variety of games available and quiet a few are the sort you don't get to play every day.

Someone brought a Monsterpocalypse game that was 16' long and could accommodate more than 20 players.  There was a Car Wars tournament, Battletech Tournament, Flames of War and many others.  In the board game area there was a Settler of Catan tournament, numerous rail road themed games and many classics.  The events were well run, seemed to happen on their scheduled times and had plenty of players.

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