Wednesday, March 9, 2011


"In the open spaces, mostly along the line of the old road, there were little hillside farms: sometimes with all the buildings standing, sometimes with only one or two, and sometimes with only a lone chimney or fast-filling cellar. Weeds and briers reigned, and furtive wild things rustled in the undergrowth. Upon everything was a haze of restlessness and oppression; a touch of the unreal and the grotesque, as if some vital element of perspective or chiaroscuro were awry." The Colour Out of Space H.P. Lovecraft

Photo taken on the Quabbin Reservoir reservation land. One of the farms that was dismantled when the reservoir was built in the 1930's. Lovecraft used the building of the reservoir and the removal of the towns and farms from the valley as the backdrop for the story. This is about a mile from my house.

Just Getting Started

I'm figuring out how blogger's dashboard works and in the process of getting ready for Gary Con III in two weeks.

I'll be running an adventure at Gary Con called "Clockwork Demons."  I ran it at Total Confusion in Mansfield, MA a few weeks ago.  It went well but some of my experimental elements didn't pan out as much as I liked.  I've refined the pre-gen characters and parts of the map.  I have a few more fixes to implement and it will be ready to go.